Anyway… Something happen recently that made me think again about what I’m suppose to do.. Well this time I cant believe what I’m hearing but someone is afraid of me.. Anyway… If you dont wanna face your fears or do something about it then fine. You dont deserve what you dont wanna try to obtain by facing your fear. Haiz… Anyway… To those who are still wondering and asking me this question, I’m still single. There might have been something on or something you might have seen in the past but its no more cuz someone can’t even face her fears to pursue what she want to acheive… Or even face her fears for what both of us believe in. Its just so damn….. sien to find out that she wont even try to face it and keep staying in that safe corner of hers. Fine. I wont do anything about it then. Haiz. Even other ppl problems I also can get sien so easily.

Anyway… Was really busy throughout my holidays… Didnt really have time for holidays at all… Been rushing for my proposal presentation which starts on Tuesday… Hope all goes well for it. Hope the Drs there arent so strict. And hope their question not too tough. Been going to a workshop as well… Which started today and will last till Friday. Its about how to handle the animals and well how to experiment with them. And I dont really like it…. Felt pity for the animals again.. So sad for the animal sometimes. But what to do… Haiz… Think about cardiac puncture (draw blood from the heart after anaest) or cervical dyslocation (a method to euthanize.. kill them off via … well… dyslocating their necks) or retroorbital bleeding (drawing blood from the eyes sinus area) brings back the feeling of sadness for them as well.. SADNESS FOR ANIMALS?? IS THAT OK?? Anyway… Pls dont blame me… And hope the rats I’ll be using for my project also wont blame me…I’ll try to give the best of treatment even thou in the end… You have to be dead as well.. Sorry.

Miss FEAR TO GET CLOSE WITH ME say that I can play around with my life as well… Therefore I decided to play more then… Dont blame me… I decide to just enjoy life already without thnking of too much responsibility… I wanna do what I want and not be dragged down to doing my job which was once actually kinda nice to do but now no longer… Thanks to certain problems. Thats the resolution I got. Dont worry too much anymore.

Anyway do remember me in your prayers… Thnx