Hmmm… Ask yourself this question… Are you content with what you have now? What you are doing now? How you are living now..? Are you happy for it…? Do you think that life’s complete for you? Hah… Ppl find it hard to feel happy with what they have… They want more everytime… But for some… Its the feeling that something is not there… The longing for something… Something that is missing so far… That’s what I am feeling. Something is missing. I am not really sure what… But still, I don’t feel complete or content with everything now. Don’t most of you feel the same too? Life is just like a puzzle. There are the pieces that has already fit. There are still those that are all over the place waiting to be placed onto the board, and there are those missing ones. Hah… The thing is now, where is that missing piece and what part of the puzzle is it…Thats what I am searching for… For me life now seems to have no meaning at all… Its all the same ol thing. Wake, eat, study, play, sleep. Like don’t you feel bored of doing the same thing over and over. Where had the meaning of life gone to in most of us?  When can I find the missing pieces? Haiz