• I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THE FLASH AH…!!!!! WALAO…. REALLY HARD..!!! SIGHS…. *goes back to thinking how to do the flash*
  • Finished editing the main song for the Flash animation… Now… How do I insert it? *thinks again*
  • Go lao sai is easier than making Flash ah *I think I am going to lao sai now :P*
  • Someone don’t talk with me ahhhhh *Walao eh… Soo many problems*
  • My ankle is killing me ah *Dunno I sprained it or something*
  • Shea Wah is sick ah… *Praying for her to get better*
  • The Bitcomet Downloads are soo slow ah… *Why not moving like that de??*
  • Is SwishMax easier to use than FlashPro 8 ah?? *Maybe change a program lar*
  • I ran out of things to eat ah… *Soo Hungry now*

But still… Smile… 🙂 Haha… Thats what happening… Amidst all the siens and all the upsets and everything…I am still doing pretty well :P… Haha… These are just small stuff… But still I really have to figure out what to do for the animation…