Episodes : 1-39 (End)



Since its the world cup now… I hope you like this review on a football anime… Whistle… The complete series has 39 episodes… Follow the journey of the football team of Sakura Jousei High School as they try to qualify themselves for the regional tournament


Follow the challenges faced by Kazamatsuri Shou as he moved from the Musashi no Mori High School to Sakura Jousei’s High School… The reason for this move is due to Kazamatsuri’s being a third stringer in Musashi no Mori’s football club (Meaning third starter for a match… Or basically a third class substitution).. Seeing as how he would never be able to play in a game being a third stringer… He decided to transfer to Sakura. J school in hopes to join the football club there and become a starter… Since Musashi no Mori has one of the best football club ever… The regulars of Sakura Jousei and their ace, Mizuno was thinking that Kazamatsuri is able to lead them to win games… However… In the first match… Kazamatsuri… Never actually played in a real game before… Fail to impress and dropped the hopes of Sakura Jousei’s Football Club. Making a rash decision to quit the club… See how newcomer Kazamatsuri becomes the ace for Sakura Jousei’s football club and lead the team to a match with his former, Musashi no Mori High…


If you enjoy watching football… And sometimes feel sad because there just isn’t any good plays in the game you are watching.. Then you might want to consider this anime… The plays in here are awesome… Imagine stopping the ball on the line which is near the corner flag and shooting a goal at no angle… Lol… I guess one might not be able to imagine it without watching it… And imagine bringing the ball on the tips of your toes as you run through a wet soaken pitch where the ball just won’t roll anymore… Lol thats what Kazamatsuri did… And further on in the story… You’ll see how the players are being picked for the Japanese national team and their final match in the series… All the best player in Japanese team vs the players of Korea… Lol… Think of it as the never happened showdown of Korea vs Japan in the World Cup of 2002… Or did it happen?


The plays in this anime are just simply amazing… See the below for pic… The final game was the best IMO where Japan vs Korea… Lol… As a spoiler see the scores at the picture section… The game is still on when I took that picture… In the end…. Watch for yourself… And for those who knows nothing about football at the end of each episodes… There will be a short segment on how to play football… Enjoy the upbeat BGM as the match are going about and you will find yourself feeling awe over the games they play… A 4.5/5


I have been unable to find any music so far on this anime in Midi form…. Will update as soon as I found some


Pdvd_000This is part of the Japan team in Japan vs Korea match…


The scores halfway in the Japan vs Korea matchup… Who will win?

Pdvd_005 One nice goal…

Pdvd_008Great save in front of the goal

Pdvd_011The no angle goal

Pdvd_012Can he stop the ball from going across the corner line?

Pdvd_013 Looking good

Pdvd_014Nice dribble