Ok.. This clip got me to tears… Tears of laughter… In case you dunno what they are doing.. This is the show "Whose line is it anyway?" and they are playing the game "Three Headed Boardway Star".. The three are going to sing a song but each of them only can sing a word at a time… (L to R Wayne, Drew and Ryan). Song is about a shoe. How they sing

You-are-my-soul-mate-I-can-hardly-believe-Ac-shoe-Gazoontiek(Lol…Haha)-Can’t-love-me-You-are-my-soul-mate-baby-Lace-up-my-shoe-and take me on a-oh sorry one word only(Lol :P)-trip so beautiful-I love you-so-Can’t-you-What?(Lost of words here… Lol)-Ha-ha-hahaha-I-love-my-girl-because-she’s-so-beau-ti(Lol..here Wayne and Drew sang -ti together)-like-Listen-to-me (Lol…really.. I was laughing till my chest hurts…)

Walao eh… too stupid already.. But I like it.. Lol… 😛