Anime Review corner is up and running…. Well… Today’s Review is the anime AIR TV…. One that I just finished watching recently… So here goes…



Episodes= 1-13 + Prelude + Special OVA 1 & 2
Japanese Title = AIR


One might be interested to find out that AIR TV actually originated from a game. There are even news of the game being a Hentai game (something like a perverted game) But for those who aren’t so keen with perverted scenes… Rest assured that there are none of the sort in the anime.


The story revolves around a man called Yukito Kunisaki who travelled the land in search of the ‘girl in the sky’. This legend apparently was passed down for generations in his family. Yukito’s travels bring him to a small seaside town where he meet the clumsy and yet lovable Misuzu Kamio. Little that he knows that summer he set foot onto the village will be one thats as short as a star’s twinkle and as long as eternity may be.


The story is summarized basically in one word… Great… One might feel that the first few episodes of the story are bored but it serves as the base to even more intriguing factors which will be told later on in the story. One fascinating thing about this story is the different arcs of the story at which there is the AIR arc and the Summer arc… What is meant by this is actually the different parts of the story… Its actually a story that ranges for generations before… As told by the legend of the ‘Girl in the Sky’. For example… The story line is normal for the 1st six episodes before it turns into another story… As at the 7th episode the tales of the legend begins to unfold as viewers will find themselves travelling 1000 summers into the past to find out about the sad legend of the girl. Confused?… Well its very hard to describe it in words. Think of it as a story in another story. Something like that. Another fascinating factor in this anime is actually the way the story is being retold… Viewers will get the chance to go through the whole story twice… One in the perspective of the main male lead Yukito and the second in the view of the Crow, Sora… Yup!! A crow… The only difference between both retelling. In the second retelling viewers will find out more of what happened the first time the story was told… Think of it as travelling back into the past but with the story unfolding more in another prespective. However… The ending is not a happy one… Just a minor spoiler… Don’t think of things as being ‘Living happily ever after’ in this story. Overall… Such an anime deserves at least a 3.5/5.

Music (Click on Midi to listen)

Opening theme : Tori no Uta Midi

Closing theme : Farewell Song Midi

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Yumegatari  Midi


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Enjoy !!!