19th November 2005


The killer… Just by the sound of it I can imagine how hard the next encounter is going to be… There will be no escape, no easy way, no way out and no mercy for me… Just thinking of all those things that I am suppose to know before the exams brings me to a nervous breakdown… That’s why in my dictionary, Anatomy = The assasin for Biomedic University students.. Even as I type this I am wondering how far will I be able to venture before falling down face first under the overwhelming pressure of such a subject… It makes me fear studying itself… And my future will never be the same again after such an encounter… For I don’t want to think of its disasterous outcome if I didn’t manage to subdue it… Many had fallen dealing with this subject and even those who are iron-hearted may find themselves shivering under its influence… How am I able to overcome this??? 😦 Is there really a way to overcome it?

20th November 2005

Not Good…

Anatomy…. Really too much… I doubt I will be able to finish reading it… And its worrying me how I read and forget and read again and forget again… This ain’t good… Even though there is about 2 more days for me to study I seemed to lose hope already… Is it really doable… Like finishing all the Anatomy stuff in just 2 days…. I really don’t know… Right now… Whatever flame I had before is already distinguished and I am not even sure how to continue you know… This is the first time I lose soo much hope during the finals… I really don’t know what am I suppose to do… Am I really DEAD??~~