Sitting behind those that I love and those that I hate… It couldn’t seem to be more ironic than this you know… Why did I take this road in the first place is because that I really feel erm… hopeless in the midst of you people… Especially to two better ones. And because of the people who are favoring the two better peoples… I felt that it is my need to pull out of your midst. Why? Because first there are no better endings that I can foresee in this group of people… Why? Because two have rob me of the two that I treasure most in the group. And due to that… I could see nothing else but endless hate… And realization of something else… That is the lousy part of this group as I have mention before in the past blogs… I rather be myself than to sink myself into that level… Why…? Because I have my own ways of thinking and my own ways of doing things… Maybe that’s why there is such a gap in communication nowadays… I know of some others who are also looking for a chance to pull out but due to the fear of loneliness that that person might face… Unable to contain it, continue to become a subject for laughter in that group of senseless people… Pity you… Anyway… Guess no one understands what I am saying rite? Haha…. Forget all this… 😛