As the name implies… today really very sien lo…. Started off with me sleeping without locking the door you know…. Yesterday night was very very tired so I slept unknowingly as I was doing my English Discussion script. Luckily nothing happened to anything in my room… If not @.@…

Then this morning, we were suppose to have our Molecular Genetics Lab ‘Gene in a Bottle’ experiment lo… And there’s also that JPA taklimat the rest of the class who are accepted to received JPA got to attend… So the lab which was suppose to start at 9a.m got postponed to 10.30a.m. I was one of those pleading to the lab assistant to start at 9am so that we can finish early… and those who went for the JPA can do it some other time… But the lab assistants didn’t want… So okay… I waited till 10.30am… Had my lunch also before going back into lab… and when I arrived at lab again… Only about 10 students there… Waited for about 15 minutes in the lab and then the lab assistant come in and tell us that the lab class is postponed till next week. I was so annoyed at this point… Why..? Had they let us start with the experiment at 9am we would have been done before 10.30 am and need not to come back to do the lab next week… but now I felt that I had wasted one and a half hour of my time doing nothing and then doing nothing again… Those lab assistants….ai…. speechless lo…. Don’t want to say any comment…~~~

And the worst comes last…. In the evening, we were having our English Interactive Speaking Discussion Test… The objective is just to discuss a topic… Now…before this we had already discuss in the group (HYee, Tong2, WKeat, and Sy) about what to do lo… and someone say that I should do intro and conclusion. At first I was like… not comfortable since doing intro and conclusion normally don’t have any points at all… and someone else say that its interactive speaking and that points don’t matter lo since in the discussion the lecturer will most likely hear how we speak only lo… and in the end I was like… Ok… I do intro and conclusion lo… And the worst surprise comes today… we were sppose to have stated our own points in the discussion… I was like…who the heck told me it was all speaking huh? Just who the heck told me that it’s not necessary to say any points at all huh? I am really angry then… But I just kept quiet… Not only did I talk bullshit out there this evening… I don’t even have a single point to back me up… >>>>

I AM REALLY ANGRY YOU KNOW… Just who the heck was the one who told me not to mind my points at all huh? If you do not know what you are saying then DON’T say it… Don’t think that I normally take things lightly that I am tolerant to anger. I’ve always tried my best especially when it comes to English… and this time…I really screwed up… Thanks to some smart guy/girl… Really worry about my results now…

Anyway today was really a lousy day…. And have to tolerate with some other people SS during the whole way back to college… No mood to SS at all… Stupid….~~

Guessed that’s all…TT